What makes China’s latest wave of foreign capital withdrawal different? It’s structural

With the outbreak of the trade war with the United States and the imposing of US tariffs, China’s foreign trade and investment environment is facing great changes. Some foreign investors have chosen to withdraw to avoid tariffs and evade sanctions. At a July 11 news conference in Beijing, commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng said he had noticed reports of affected business confidence at some foreign firms in the country but that the government will continue to safeguard the business… Source link

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China growth to slow to 2 per cent over next decade as structural issues take hold, research firm says

China’s economic growth will slow to 2 per cent in the coming decade, well below the level forecast by major global institutions, according to research from Capital Economics, as the country becomes “another normal emerging economy.”“Growth has halved over this past 10 years, and our projection is if they continue with this policy set-up [and structural issues], growth will halve again over the next 10 years,” Mark Williams, chief Asia economist for the research firm, said at a conference in… Source link

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Structural issues not behind why blood dripped from Tampines flat ceiling: Baey Yam Keng, Singapore News

SINGAPORE – The blood that seeped through the ceiling of a Tampines Housing Board flat last Tuesday (Jan 29) – and later led to the body of an elderly man being found in the unit above – was not due to an issue with the ceiling’s structural integrity. Rather, it happened because of the porous nature of the concrete ceiling, Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng told The Straits Times on Monday. “So there should not be anything wrong with it. Only the toilet area would have a waterproof membrane…

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