Donald Trump accuses China of ‘letting us down’ by not keeping G20 promise to buy US farm goods

US President Donald Trump is accusing China of “letting us down” by not promptly buying more US farm products.“They have not been buying the agricultural products from our great Farmers that they said they would,” the president said on Twitter. “Hopefully, they will start soon.”After meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping late last month, Trump said China had agreed to buy more US agricultural products as part of a ceasefire in the two countries’ trade war.The truce suspended US plans to… Source link

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China is letting value of yuan slide to offset trade war tariffs, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Saturday accused China of allowing the value of its currency to slide in a bid to offset the impact of Washington’s trade tariffs on the cost of its goods to American consumers.“It’s not coincidental in my mind that the currency has moved from approximately 6.30 [yuan to the US dollar] to 6.90,” the official said on the sidelines of the G20 finance leaders’ meeting in Japan.“Traditionally to manipulate a currency, official intervention in the foreign… Source link

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Tobacco should be long gone if anyone truly cared about China’s public health, instead of letting it raise funds in an IPO

For my 50th birthday, my daughters very creatively gifted me the December 2 1950 edition of the Financial Times. That was the edition published on the day of my birth. Since I had worked for almost two decades for the FT, the gift was a wonderful idea. Apart from the reminder of what a fusty parochial thing the FT was back in 1950, the paper carried a fascinating full-page feature on its centre pages about an exciting newfangled innovation: the filter-tipped cigarettes. I had naively grown up thinking that filters…

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