Pony.ai and Baidu still lag the likes of Waymo in US tests but the gap is narrowing in autonomous driving

Although China has strong hopes for autonomous driving and has beaten Apple in some areas, its leading company still lags Google’s self-driving unit Waymo in US engagement tests. According to data disclosed in an annual report by the California Department of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday, drivers disengaged the autonomous driving mode on Apple’s test cars once almost every mile on average, making it one of the worst performers over a 12-month period through November, 2018. Apple did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment on its metrics in…

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China’s wealth gap widens as more than half of its provinces missed growth targets

China’s economic development gap is widening with tougher times looming after more than half of its provinces missed their economic growth targets last year and the effects of the trade war with the US taking a toll on the domestic economy. Seventeen of 31 Chinese provincial-level divisions failed to meet their gross domestic product growth rate goals in a year where the national economy expanded at 6.6 per cent, its slowest pace in 28 years, according to a review of local annual economic reports by the South China Morning Post.…

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