Emergency abroad: Steps to take in case you need crucial medical assistance overseas, Singapore News

An overseas vacation is one of the activities many Singaporeans partake to reward themselves after working hard day and night. Now that you have a perfect itinerary in place, the last thing you wish for is a medical emergency during the trip. But if it happens, what can you do to avoid running around like a headless chicken? Here are some important steps to take to prepare yourself for medical emergencies abroad. 1. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU LEAVE Photo: Unsplash Make it a habit to book…

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Along with climate change come mosquito-borne diseases. Is Hong Kong ready for a public health emergency?

Months after Hong Kong was ranked by Bloomberg as the economy with the world’s most efficient health care, its public health system is caught in a crisis. More than 100 medical staff protested about the manpower crunch and ward overcrowding amid a winter flu surge in January, with many holding placards that sent the desperate message: “Breaking point”. This has been followed by a spike in measles infections since mid-March, and a shortage of vaccines. More alarmingly, the next public health… Source link

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