Trade war to hit high-end US fashion brands dependent on specialised Chinese manufacturing

High-end US fashion brands have become more reliant on China for manufacturing, making them more vulnerable to an increase in trade war tariffs, a new study shows.While imports of basic apparel items such as T-shirts and underwear can easily be shifted to lower-cost production hubs such as Vietnam, Cambodia or Bangladesh, China has become so specialised in the manufacturing of higher-value goods such as accessories and coats, that US brands may be forced to stomach the tariff hike.Research from… Source link

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Opinion | South Korea’s economic slump a bad sign for Asian economies dependent on exports to China

Hyundai Motor vehicles bound for export await shipment at a port near Hyundai’s plant in Ulsan, South Korea, on January 22. Short on natural resources of its own, South Korea’s economy is heavily dependent on exports, making its economy particularly susceptible to changes in its trading partners. Photo: Bloomberg Source link

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