US-China tech war could be decided by population management as superpowers battle for talent

The context behind recent fluctuations and squabbles between the United States and China is quite clear for us all to see – two powers vying for technological domination over the other in the great technology race of the 21st century. For the moment, it seems evident that China will continue to outpace and surpass the US in the next 10 to 20 years. In the long run, however, the determining factor in the outcome of this struggle, I believe, could be how these two superpowers manage issues of… Source link

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‘Inspired’ by Crimewatch episode, three teens decided to rob sex workers, Singapore News

SINGAPORE – To earn fast cash, three teenagers decided to rob sex workers here after one of them recalled watching crime television series Crimewatch which had a segment on a similar offence. The court heard that Theophileous Jebaraj, 16, John Karan Karunakaran, 18 and a 14-year-old boy were “inspired” to target sex workers as they felt that this was a “safer way of committing robbery”. Court documents did not reveal details about the Crimewatch episode. The two older teenagers pleaded guilty in court on Friday (June 28) to one count…

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