How 9/11 and China’s plan for blanket surveillance helped Hikvision and Dahua dominate the global CCTV camera market

China is famous for its one-industry towns. Gurao in southern Guangdong province is known for making bras. Qiaotou in Zhejiang province produces most of the world’s buttons. The city of Tianjin to the north is a major manufacturer of bicycles.Then there is Hangzhou’s Binjiang district, east of the Qiantang River that winds through the city, about 10 kilometres from the famed West Lake, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Once mostly farmland, the Binjiang district is now home to many manufacturers,… Source link

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Singapore gym flamed online after discovery of CCTV camera placed near changing room, Singapore News

A gym is in hot water after the questionable placement of a surveillance camera sparked furore online. But what made matters worse was the gym’s cringe-worthy response which left many netizens angry and confused. In a Facebook post on March 15, Virgin Active Singapore addressed concerns of a CCTV placed near what appears to be a changing room. In the post, the gym stressed that the camera “is pointed at a communal area where our female members can pick up a bathrobe to put on” before plugging their gym membership benefits.  The post…

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