Thirstdays episode 7: Where we get real about Singaporeans, Entertainment, Singapore News

Why Singaporeans queue for everything?

How come people love to wear slippers to Orchard?

Is it kind to chope seats with tissues?

If you’ve ever found yourself perplexed by these uniquely Singaporean behaviours, then you’re sure to enjoy this episode of Thirstdays where our hosts celebrate National Day by getting real about its people.

This week, Le En and Bryan will be examining some typical behaviours of Singaporeans and giving their take on whether it’s ‘lit’ or ‘cancelled’.

Stay a while and listen, because their answers might surprise you.

And while Singapore may not be perfect, there’s plenty to celebrate and our hosts sound off on what they unconventionally like about this Little Red Dot.

Because at the end of the day, this is home. Truly.

Happy National Day!

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Thirstdays is a fortnightly AsiaOne entertainment series where our hosts Le En and Bryan give you a peek into their personal lives while they satisfy their thirst over a drink, have a no-holds-barred chat, and do fun things.

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