Grab driver goes the extra mile to take injured boy to hospital without extra charges, Singapore News

A little bit of kindness can go a long way. 

One Grab driver recently put compassion over profit after he overheard that his passenger’s son was injured in school. 

In a post on May 8, Facebook user Mi Ke shared his encounter with a kind Grab driver who helped his injured son.

He wrote that he was informed by his son’s school that the boy suffered a head injury and was told to pick him up early.

The incident prompted him to take urgent leave from work to take his son to see a doctor and he booked a Grab ride to Anchor Green Primary School. 

During the ride, he and driver Ang Bock Seng struck up a conversation, where the worried dad let slip that he was rushing to fetch his injured son.

Upon hearing this, Ang offered to bring the father-son duo straight to the hospital after picking up the boy from their intended destination, without charging extra fees. 

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Not wanting this act of kindness to go unnoticed, Mi Ke posted about the encounter on Facebook, where it has gained 1,000 shares and comments as of Monday (May 13) afternoon. 

The father also took the chance to thank Ang for his compassion, and ended the post with a quote in Mandarin: “People that do good, will be blessed with good returns… Thank you.” 

Other Facebook users also commended the driver for (literally) going the extra mile. 

Photos: Facebook screengrabs

Though Ang refused to accept extra fees for the impromptu trip, some users hoped that Mi Ke made use of the tipping function on the app to reward the driver. 

Photo: Facebook

AsiaOne has reached out to Grab for comment.

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